New here, and I know that Vinett has broken up.

I know what some of the former band members are doing (sorry, its pointless for them to release a good album and then break up..they should have gotten over it all and kept making me laugh and dance)

But what is Kei doing?

I know Ray is in a new band, but anything from Kei?
I loved his singing and how spontanious he could be.

Also! Did they ever release any PV's or Interviews? I would love to see some

Thanks you all
-Griffën Grey

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(no subject)

Greetings! ^_^ I was just wondering if anyone knew where I could find romanized lyrics AND/OR english translations for "Happy". I've done a search, but couldn't find anything so if anyone has them or...something, I'd appreciate it if you could direct me to them.

Also! My computer crashed about a month ago and I lost the few Vinett and Eliphas Levi pictures I had...and the few Eliphas Levi mp3s I had...so if anyone has some that they'd be willing to share, I would love you forever.

Thanks so much. If this post is not allowed, I'm sorry. ^_^;;
Johnny Hell

Sad news

Well yeah, I've heard of this a while ago, and I guess some people know about it too, but well:

Vinett will disband
*cries her eyes out*

They announced in on December 22, and their last concert will be on January 21st in the Meguro rock may kan.
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2nd update on Ray

Sorry for it being so quiet ! Vinett has been in a lot of magazines lately, but I haven't had the money to get my hands on them. But quite a few new ones have been floating around.

This is actually another update on Ray. I found it interesting that he went back to visual so suddenly after Vinett, then I heard about another current project of his besides Nega, and it kind of all made sense. Ray is currently acting as a support bassist for the band MIL (http://www.tosp.co.jp/i.asp?i=milives). Here's the lineup:
Vocal: Shosuke
Bass (support): Ray (ex-Autism/Aliene Ma'riage/Vinett)
Guitar: MAST (ex-Autism/Aliene Ma'riage/Noir Fleurir)
Drums: Gunzi

Oddly makes sense? Quite!
the mod

(no subject)

Hey! I was just wondering if anyone has the romanized lyrics for "Ano hi boku wa tsuki no kakera o"?

If you do and can post them or email them to me, I'd really appreciate it. ^_^

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Just a question...

Has anyone found a translation of Vinett's feature in October's issue of Cure? ^.^;;;; Many thanks if someone's found it. (I'm...still mad at Ray for leaving. >.<)

Thanks again! ^o^
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New Vinett first full CD!

Sorry for being a bit late on this ^^''
Vinett will be releasing their first full album~ ! It's titled Happy!! The release date is Oct 20. Here's the tracklist:
1. Are you HAPPY?
2. Grass Shoes
3. Heart
4. Planet 2o
5.†Short Film†Sentimental Junai Junkie
6. Cinema ni koi shite。
8.†Short film†Maboroshi no ice cream
9. YES!!natural-high
10. Ririe-Ririe-
11.†Short film†VALERIE
13. Twinkle Twinkle
14. Bye Bye…

It comes with a poster, so go and preorder it !